Are you worried that your child spends too much time in front of a screen?

Are you concerned that (s)he is disconnected from nature?

Do you want your kids to have positive, inspiring role models to teach them exciting and useful skills?

Are you annoyed that your children don't want to eat healthy food and wish that they could work in a garden, harvest and collect their own food and help prepare it with experts to guide them?

We can help you and your offspring, because we specialize in connecting kids with nature, where they spend quality time with us adventuring and learning new skills.  We incorporate our homestead, gardens and animals with time spent in the wild, where we live at the edge of the wilderness in the Upper Skagit Valley.

We have been raising our own three children here at Marblemount Homestead and have taught them and many other children how to love nature, build primitive shelters in the woods, track animals, build bows and shoot arrows with them, make fires with friction, twist cordage into ropes, and many more skills.


Upper Skagit Valley

If you are not local, we are 2 1/2 hours away
from the airport in Seattle, WA, and there are
lots of options for you to stay and do things up
here while your kids are in camp.


Check for 2021 dates.


  • Wilderness and homesteading instruction
  • all organic meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners)
  • materials for bow and other crafts, and a traditional
    ‚Äč‚Äčlong bow that costs $200 retail
  • accommodations
Ages: 8 to 13

Cost: $395   

Payment plans and sliding scale available. 

After participating in our weekend camp, your child will be dirty and muddy, but happier than he's been in a long time. She will be tired and full of exciting stories. Her eyes will sparkle and dance, and she will want to show off the bow she has made with her very own hands and gets to take home.

He will have forged friendships with other kids his age, telling stories around the campfire. He will have a brand new appreciation for healthy food, because he tasted organic, fresh, homegrown and homemade food all weekend long, and he will tell you that healthy food is tasty, and that he made his very own bread.
He will tell you with pride that he milked a goat, collected eggs, built his own wooden bow, made a debris hut out of sticks and leaves, and chased ducks out of the garden. He will tell you that he fell in love with our puppy, and that he got to sleep in a tipi or a fort.

She will go on and on about how cool Steve is, and how strong he is, but not macho at all, and how he can make fire by rubbing two sticks together.

He will rave about Corina's apple pie, and how she can wrangle a goat, and how she showed him to properly harvest a carrot and make it into a killer salad.

"In the past few years my son and several of his friends have participated in Sahlin family events at their Marblemount Homestead. They have learned bow-making and archery, as well as outdoor skills like building brush shelters and maing fire without matches or paper. Through these fun, challenging and creative activities the kids develop a closer connection with nature and an awareness of how to be stewards of the natural world. Steve and Corina are gifted teachers, do a great job wrangling groups of kids (goats and humans alike), and foster a sense of community and cooperation that is genuine and impactful. These experiences allow our kids to be wild, which they need so badly, in a safe and supportive environment. I cannot say enough good things about their Wilderness and Homesteading Camp!"

Marjie B., Deming, WA

"My son has been part of some amazing learning and adventures with Two Feather's Wilderness School! He and his friends had the time of their lives making bows, learning fire skills, exploring, and being part of a group of kids who were all given the chance to be alive and free in the presence of excellent, caring, adult mentors. These kinds of experiences are invaluable, not just for kids, but for every one of us! They're the experiences that connect us with the wonders of the natural world, and with our own natures, instilling a love of wilderness and a deep trust in ourselves and our capabilities. There's a current of joy that runs like a river through the programs and everyone involved, and I highly recommend Two Feather's Wilderness School!"

Chris B., VanZandt, WA

More Testimonials:

"Our daughter loved the wilderness summer camp at Marblemount Homestead. I can't imagine a better place for a child to experience the outdoors than under the gentle tutelage from Corina and Steve. The skills they teach are becoming a lost art, not to mention being the most fun ever!! Our daughter came home exhausted and happy, having made her own longbow, milked a goat, slept in a fort, went on a hike, made bread from scratch, swam in a creek, made a debris hut, and made some new friends! Everyone should be so lucky!! I can't begin to thank the entire Sahlin family for their kind hospitality and loving education. Thank You!!"

Emily G., Mount Vernon

"I loved my wilderness weekend with Marblemount Homestead. I had fun with old and new friends, and I got to have a real life adventure! I can't wait to do it again."

Alden M., Rockport

"Marblemount Homestead did an awesome job of organizing our activities and making sure everyone had what they needed to have a good time on our trip. Besides having a wide breadth of knowledge and skills which they share with others, they are also skilled at guiding wilderness time that's geared for kids, making the whole experience really meaningful for these kids' lives."

Terri M., Rockport

"All three of my children have attended several outdoor camps hosted by the Sahlin's, and they all three loved the experience. The Sahlin's pack a lot of information and outdoor education into these camps. They provide hands-on experiences, and the students get to dive right into the real deal. They learned how to identify plants and materials commonly found in the woods. From these materials, they learned how to start a fire with no lighter or matches or paper, how to build a survival shelter, and how to make rope or cordage. These are valuable skills to know and really increased my kids' confidence in themselves. They also had a lot of fun with the other students and with the Sahlin family. It was time really well spent and I highly recommend the Sahlin's courses to other students and families."

Auburn P., Darrington

"Thank you so much for such a fun filled weekend with my boy. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family in our community to share amazing adventures with our kids. Thank you!"

Vanessa T, Marblemount

"Jorgan had the best time attending your summer camp - his whole face lights up every time he talks about it. He shoots his long bow he made everyday."

Roxanne S., Darrington

I had been following Corina's family through her Marblemount Homestead Blog for about a year when I decided to contact her regarding their weekend wilderness camp for kids. We live in urban Seattle and my 9 year old son was anxious for more outdoor experience and education. Normally I do not trust my children with anyone, I do not use babysitters and have never sent him to a camp outside of school trips. I took a leap of faith, deciding to follow my intuition and judgment based on everything I had learned about Corina and her family from her blog. The camp turned out to be one of my sons favorite and most enriching experiences. He came home feeling excited, confident, and with an extra twinkle in his eye.
In his words, " At camp I learned how to eat stinging nettle. That was my favorite thing. I thought it was special because not a lot people know how to do that. We saw bear poop, it looks like raspberry jelly with lots of big seeds. We slept in a teepee and big slugs came in and out of the teepee. I loved swimming in the creek, it was clear and cool."
I would not hesitate to send any child to the Marblemount Homestead. It was an educational, fun, experience that was priceless. The bow he made and came home with has offered him hours of entertainment and a reminder of all the things he learned. Corina and Steve are exceptional people with a beautiful family and their generosity of spirit and knowledge is worthy of recognition.

Jacqueline C., Seattle

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