​​​Learn the basics of making your own traditional all-wood bow. A roughed-out board stave will be provided, as well as all the tooling and instruction to have a tillered and shootable bow by the end of the day. Basic archery and shooting instruction will also be covered. The price of this class includes the stave and a matched high quality bow string.  You will go home with your own bow, ready to make more for your family and friends!

​​These beautiful bows have been used for thousands of years for hunting and protection. Today, they are still used as effective hunting weapons or for archery.

​​Topics in this class include:

--> suitable wood species

--> stave harvest and curing

--> steam bending and heat treating

--> bow design and layout

--> tools

--> tillering

--> handles

--> finishing

--> shooting

Steve has made dozens of bows and
has been teaching bow making to many
people - adults as well as children.

This is a one-day workshop, held in
Steve's heated shop in Marblemount, WA.​​​


"The bow making workshop was the best way I've spent a Saturday in a long time.  I can't believe I actually made a real, working bow!"
Clare, Mount Vernon, WA​

Marblemount, WA

Cost:​ $100 (price includes a bow stave and matching string)

Next date: March 3rd 2018, Saturday, 10 am to 5pm

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