Buck skins were such a highly priced commodity during frontier days, they were actually used as a form of currency, for example "I'll give you five bucks for that."

This "fabric" is unbeatable in terms of strength, softness and durability.​​

In this workshop, we will begin with the raw deer hide and end with a softened, smoked buckskin hide.  This is such an alchemical, magical process!

​​Because this cannot be done with one hide in one day, we will work with
four different deer hides at different stages so that everyone can experience the main steps of the process:

- Fleshing and bucking
- Graining and soaking
- Braining and softening, other natural oils may be used
- Smoking 

We will use the wet-scrape method.

This is a hands-on event. Everyone will get a chance to join in.

We also cover skinning, storing hides, tools and much more.

Location: Marblemount, WA

Cost:​ $60

Dates:  Inquire about 2021 dates

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