Come immerse yourself in wilderness skills in the heart of the wilderness.  Located at the scenic Marblemount Homestead, nestled in a beautiful valley in the North Cascade mountains, bald eagles soar, wild salmon spawn, deer and cougar roam, and gorgeous rivers run clear.  

​​Our small class size will allow for more hands-on opportunities and more individual instruction.  While there will be plenty of talking, we will mostly learn by doing

​​In this one-week intensive, you will learn

​how to build shelter out of natural materials,
​how to make a friction fire using a bow drill and hand drill (just sticks),
how to make your own traditional long bow and learn the basics of archery (you will go home with your own bow),
how to make cordage out of natural fibers,
how to brain tan a deer hide (you will go home with your own tanned hide),
how to identify and harvest edible and medicinal plants,
how to flint knap arrow heads and knife blades from obsidian.

We will also cover the basics of tracking and trapping animals, stalking, natural camouflage, and awareness.


​You will take home from this course:

  • Your own traditional long bow,
  • a tanned deer hide,
  • your own bow drill kit,
  • your own flint knapped stone tool,
  • lots of knowledge, skills and empowerment,
  • and new friends.​​​​​​​
Camping on site
Outdoor kitchen
Glacier fed creeks for bathing
Other accommodations available locally

Organic home cooked meals once a day (dinner) included​​​​​​​



​Arrive​​, set up camp.
Afternoon: Intro, welcome,
​short hike to local fairy pool​.
Evening: Optional sweat in the cord wood sauna
​or sweat lodge​

Intro to brain tanning​​​​
Flesh hides
Intro to bow making​​
Start bows
Intro to fire making

Primitive shelter making
Finish bows
Intro to archery

Grain hides
More friction fire
More archery

Tracking, stalking and camo
Intro to flint knapping
Edible and medicinal plants

Soften hides
Intro to trapping
Practice skills

Good-bye breakfast feast
Pack up and farewells​​
Price: $600

​includes camping and one organic home cooked meal per day, your own traditional long bow, a tanned deer hide, your own bow drill kit, and your own flint knapped stone tool.


One Week Intensive Registration

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​Marblemount, WA